Dave Renne, Presidente De ISES

The Solar World Congress is an international congress organized annually by ISES (International Solar Energy Society), which has decided that Chile will be the venue for next year’s event.

On Wednesday, December 5th, the invitation call was formally launched, in which ISES president Dave Renne (shown in main photo) participated, explaining the SWC2019 guidelines to more than 40 representatives of the sector, including representatives of the Ministry of Energy, the Solar Committee, Sidewalk, generating companies, among others.

By choosing Chile as the venue for the ISES Solar World Congress 2019, the country is presented with the opportunity to gather the leading scientific, academic, professional and industrial experts related to the research, development and application of solar energy for almost a week. The event will feature scientific activities and forums on politics, research and education.

There will also be an outdoor exhibition open to the general public, to show the most innovative and advanced solar technologies in the field of electrical generation, industrial and mining applications and residential and commercial use of solar technology.

SERC Chile is an active participant in the organization of this international congress and part of its Academic Committee will be part of the Evaluation Committee of the papers that will apply to SWC2019.

The ISES (International Solar Energy Society) was founded in 1954 and has held the Solar World Congress since 1970, it is a scientific and professional Society that has dedicated its existence to the research, use, promotion and education of solar energy in the world.