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On March 3rd and 4th, in the auditorium of the School of Engineers of Chile, the seminar “Challenges and opportunities for large-scale integration of renewable energies in electric power systems” will be held, organized by SERC Chile in partnership with the Instituto Complex Engineering Systems (ISCI).

The seminar will deal with aspects of safety, flexibility and resilience with greater emphasis , from the perspective of the operation, planning and control of electrical systems.

In the context of energy decarbonization, higher levels of flexibility and security will be required to face the challenges associated with significant penetration of renewable generation in terms of variability, uncertainty, and inertia. That is the reason why leading specialists in the area have been invited to show their research, coming from Germany, Russia, North America and Brazil. They are: Christian Rehtanz, from the Technical University of Dortmund; Aleksey Bardanov, from the Mining University of Saint Petersburg; Kai Strunz, from the Technical University of Berlin; Hendrik Vennegeerts, from the University of Duisburg-Essen; Claudio Cañizares, from the University of Waterloo; Daniel Kirschen, from the University of Washington; Vijay Vittal, from Arizona State University; Rafael Ferreira, of Light SA of Brazil. The Chilean researchers are, Claudia Rahmann, director of SERC Chile; Rodrigo Palma; Rodrigo Moreno; Ricardo Alvarez; Matías Negrete; Daniel Olivares and Enzo Sauma.