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Representatives of the six SERC Chile lines of research analyzed the possible cooperation areas for the future.

In September 25, in one of the halls of the Mathematics and Physics Faculty of Universidad de Chile, members of SERC Chile gathered with representatives of the Fraunhofer Research Foundation, a German-Chilean organization which seeks to promote, develop and execute applied research in different areas of the industry.

The following people participated in the Workshop: two Fraunhofer delegates; Rodrigo Palma, director of SERC Chile; Alejandra Matus, General Manager of the center; and researchers Ana María Ruz (Line 1), Claudia Rahmann (Line 2), Héctor Galleguillos (Line 4), Lorena Cornejo (Line 5), Claudio Agostini and Pilar Moraga (Line 6).

The meeting began with a brief presentation of the work and mission of SERC Chile, led by Rodrigo Palma, who highlighted the formula that is used to measure their results.

“We do not only seek to do research, but also to provide knowledge to society, so as to contribute to the understanding of the use of solar energy,” the Director stated.

The meeting moved on to cover the summary of objectives, methodologies, projects, and challenges that have been proposed in each line of research. These were presented by each of the Lines’ representatives, and afterwards there was an open discussion in order to analyze possible cooperation relationships and establish the definition of some study areas exclusive to each entity so as not to do the work twice.