The objectives are: Territorial characterization through the analysis of solar and environmental conditions, and their effects on solar energy technologies; characterization, synthetization and optimization of domestic components and mining byproducts for the developing new energy storage materials in order to improve the profitability of solar technologies and the energy efficiency of buildings; synthesis, processing, and characterization of materials to develop cellular and photovoltaic modules adapted to the domestic conditions.


Main researcher

  • Edward Fuentealba (UA)

Associate researchers

  • Valeria del Campo (UTFSM)
  • Pablo Ferrada (UA)
  • Mario Grageda (UA)
  • Ángel Leiva (PUC)
  • Jaime Llanos (UCN)
  • Aitor Marzo (UA)
  • Eduardo Schott (PUC)
  • Svetlana Ushak (UA)

Assistant researchers

  • Paulraj Maniduraj (UdeC)
  • Carlos Portillo (UA)
  • Diego Pulido (UA)
  • Jorge Rabanal (UA)

Postdoctoral researchers

  • Yoan Hidalgo (UA)
  • Mahmoud Gaafar