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SERC Chile dispone de cuatro cupos para estudiantes de Post Doctorado. El plazo para postular se cierra el 24 de junio

The Solar Energy Research Center (SERC Chile), a consortium integrated by six Chilean Universities (Universidad de Chile, Universidad de Tarapacá, Universidad de Antofagasta, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Universidad de Concepción) and Fundación Chile, offers a postdoctoral opportunity in any of seven of their research lines, which are:

1.-Solar Energy in Industry/Mining. Takes a unified approach to addressing the two sectors’ thermal and electrical requirements and the development of conversion and control technologies for solar plants. Responsible for this research line is Professor Dr. Samir Kouro, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María.

2.- Electric Power Systems with High Penetration of Solar Energy. Covers issues of supply, quality, power interfaces, and network operation and expansion planning methods for electric system with high solar energy penetration. Responsible for this research line is Professor PhD Luis Morán, Universidad de Concepción.

3.- Solar Energy Coordination Systems for Urban and Rural Communities. Researches possibilities for cost-effective exploitation of existing solar power potential and proposes models for the active participation of local communities. Responsible for research line is Professor PhD Rodrigo Palma-Behnke, Universidad de Chile. Prof. Palma-Behnke is at the same time the director of SERC Chile

4.- Solar Energy Storage. Investigates storage of solar energy through sensible or latent heat storage using salts and other compounds, generation of hydrogen, and optimization of storage systems. Responsible for this research line is Professor PhD Hector Galleguillos, Universidad de Antofagasta.

5.- Solar Water Treatment. Researches methods of decontamination and disinfection of natural water, treatment of industrial wastewater and solar desalination of sea and brackish water. Also works on deepening the characterization of solar radiation in the Atacama region. Responsible for this line of research is Professor PhD Lorena Cornejo, Universidad de Tarapaca.

6.- Economic/Social/Regulatory Issues for Solar Development. It addresses the potential barriers preventing higher penetrations of solar energy in Chile. The research considers economic, environmental and regulatory issues and challenges raised by the other research lines. Responsible for this line of research is Professor PhD Claudio Agostini, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez.

7.- Physics and Chemistry applied to solar energy technologies. This is a new line of research that it is being developed by SERC Chile. Candidates having basic knowledge in physical or chemical sciences applied to the design and / or manufacturing of solar cells, will be considered for this position.

SERC Chile was created in 2012 by the Chilean Government as a center of excellence in solar energy research. The Center aims to be a world leader in basic research on solar energy technology and applications, with a particular emphasis on developing the potential of Chile’s Atacama Desert, one of the world’s prime locations for the study and application of solar power. Our goal is to build a solid base of scientific knowledge relating to this energy source. By exploiting the exceptional conditions of northern Chile, we will carry out scientific research into the technical and economic challenges of solar energy that will have global as well as local impact.

(For more details on SERC Chile, please visit the web page:

The postdoc position is directly available and financed for one year, renewable for up to three years if the second (5 years) phase of SERC is approved by CONICYT. Otherwise the postdoc position is available until November 2017. It is best suited for graduated PhDs interested in any of the already mentioned research lines and willing to live and work in Chile. Selected applicants are expected to be able to work in a collaborative manner and to be able to produce visible and high quality scientific results.

SERC Chile offers a competitive salary, depending on the experience and productivity record of the applicants. Accepted applicants would work full time in projects accepted by the director of the research line they will work with. Applicants selected from foreign countries will get a stipend to help cover travelling and/or settlement.

If you are interested Please contact Prof. PhD. Rodrigo Palma. email: and cc:, writing “POSTDOCTORAL POSITION – SERC CHILE” in the subject.

Please, include your resume and the areas of your interest. Please include at least a letter of reference or a list of 3 references that might be contacted. The deadline to receive applications is June24th. Applicants selected should be able to start working by late July, beginning of August 2016.