Profesor Roberto Román, De La Universidad De Chile, En La Escuela De Verano De Arica.

In a joint effort, both Universidad de Chile and Universidad de Tarapacá are organizing the ‘Intercultural and Development Integration Dialogs’ summer school to be held during January 23 to 27 in Arica.  Academicians and artists are in charge of the several workshops.

SERC Chile gives one of the workshops of the school, named ‘Solar Energy for a sustainable development’. This was first given on Tuesday morning, January 24th, with the speech of Roberto Román, member of the Academic Broadcasting Council of the center.

With 45 attendants to the workshop, professor Román addressed diverse topics; what is solar energy, what are its potential uses, how has it been placed at this relevant positioning within NCRE and what are the future challenges of this new source of wealth, among others.