The engineers Mauro Henríquez and Abdiel Mallco became the first doctors in Solar Energy in Chile, after completing the Doctorate in Solar Energy at the University of Antofagasta, the first in the field to be taught in the country with the impulse and support of SERC Chile.

“Study of corrosion in molten salts with lithium nitrate content: monitoring by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and mechanical performance of materials in CSP plants”, is Mallco’s doctoral thesis. Henríquez work is titled “Proposal for LiNO3 as a solar thermal storage material: techno-economic analysis of its application in CSP plants”.

The Doctorate in Solar Energy began its activities in August 2016, with an enrollment of five students. Mauro Henríquez (on the left) was the first and Abdiel Mallco (on the right) the second graduated from this program, both with maximum distinction.

For this doctoral program, directed by academic and researcher Marcelo Cortés, SERC Chile provided support in laboratories, student participation in seminars and congresses, as well as the possibility of using the facilities of the institutions that are members of the center.