De Izquierda A Derecha, Rodrigo Palma, Director De SERC Chile; Profesor José Miguel Cardemil; Roberto Román, Director De SWC2019; Dave Renee, Presidente ISES; Susana Jiménez, Ministra De Energía; Gabriel Prudencio, Líder De La División De Energías Renovables Del M. De Energía

The call to submit abstracts has been announced to present papers in the SWC2019, which will be held in Santiago, Chile between November 4th and 7th of this year, an event that awaits the attendance of more than 500 people, including scientists, academics, industry professionals and governments from more than 35 countries.


The World Solar Energy Congress is organized by the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), the Cold and Solar Heat Program of the International Energy Agency (IEA SHC) and with SERC Chile as the local organizer. The director of SWC2019 is the UCH professor Roberto Román, member of the Academic Dissemination Committee of SERC Chile.

The deadline to register abstracts expires on February 28th. The topics and topics covered by SWC2019 are the following:

Solar heat and cold technologies

Cold and solar heat applications

Solar and renewable electricity

Energy storage for heating and electricity

Policies and markets for solar energy

Energy systems and coupling between sectors

Off-grid systems and access to energy in remote locations

Solar architecture and construction integration

Evaluation of solar resources and energy meteorology.

Clean water technologies

Special Topics: Cities with renewable energy, Renewable energy for mobility, Community energy programs, Sustainable practices in the mining industry and History of solar energy

SWC2019 will include a wide selection of presentations, trade shows, and discussions on public policies, around energy systems and the requirements imposed by climate change.

Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Energy:   From left to right, Rodrigo Palma, director of SERC Chile; Professor José Miguel Cardemil; Roberto Román, director of SWC2019; Dave Reneé, President of ISES; Susana Jiménez, Minister of Energy; Gabriel Prudencio, leader of the Renewable Energy Division of the Ministry of Energy.