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On Friday, October 6th, in two parallel sessions, 14 of the 16 accepted papers were presented in the solar Enersol forum. This forum, which was organized by SERC Chile with the support of editorial group Editec, was inaugurated on Thursday 5th with 12 first-class presenters.

In the first session, moderated by Dr Marcelo Cortes, the following papers were presented:
“Effects of connection and disconnection of great photovoltaic farms in interconnected systems,” presented by Camilo Bello.
“Multilevel topologies in low-power photovoltaic applications,” by Javier Riedemann.
“Stability evaluations in systems with high levels of photovoltaic generation,” by Jorge Vega.
“Methodology for the selection of operation points and relevant contingencies for frequency stability studies,” by Diego Ortiz.
“Development of physical model for estimation of daily irradiation in desert areas from extreme temperature data,” by Mauricio Trigo.
“Starting of a semi-autogenous mill with photovoltaic energy, including handling of minerals: the optimum combination of energy storage,” by Giovanni Pamparana.
“Partial photovoltaic power DC-DC converter for direct power interface in the copper electro refining process,” by Samir Kouro.
The second conference hall was alternately moderated by Dr Elisa Alonso and Dr Samir Kouro. The following papers were presented:
“Temperature control for thermal-photovoltaic systems,” by Javier Riedemann.
“Simulation of a bifacial photovoltaic matrix in the Atacama Desert, Chile,” by Dimitrij Chudinzow.
“Identification of an equivalent circuit for the estimation of a lithium-ion battery’s state of charge,” by Víctor Pizarro.
“Methodology to determine the location and optimum capacity of waste recycling plants in the solar industry,” by Juan Pablo San Martín.
“Methodology for the optimum coordination of protection in isolated microgrids,” by Oscar Nuñez.
“Anthropological view of project experiences of microgrids in Mapuche communities: local culture and technological innovation, an intercultural dialogue,” by Roberto Hernández.
“The design of portrait mode against landscape mode of photovoltaic modules has an impact in the generation in zones with dust accumulation,” by Samir Kouro.
Abstracts from these papers can be read here.