Samir Kouro

Last December 2016, Samir Kouro acknowledged receipt of the notification letter for his remarkable promotion, which sets him at the privileged 9% who holds this degree within the 428.000 members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE).

“This is an acknowledgment to both, on the one hand the quality of the work we perform at the UTFSM as well as at the centers of excellence that I take part in (ERC and AC3E) and the people’s quality of the teams I have the honor to be part of, on the other. This demonstrates that in Chile we can do world-class science, development and make innovations as we work with passion, perseverance and committed to quality” said the researcher.

This organization highlights that in order to be awarded this degree, a nomination and several requirements shall be met.  Among them, one needs to be engineer, scientist, professor, technical executive or originator at fields designated by IEEE; besides of being experienced and professionally mature, thus demonstrating a sound professional performance during a minimum 10-year period which shall be reflected through important contributions to the specialty field.

Samir Kouro leads the SERC line researching on solar energy in both the industry and mining, and who has significant achievements in renewable energy conversion systems, mainly photovoltaics and wind power.