SERC Chile Launches Book On Solar Energy For Children

SERC Chile launches book on solar energy for children

  • 2018-12-13

38 6th grade students of the Dagoberto Godoy School were the protagonists of the book launching of "Con ustedes ... el Sol" (“With you ... the Sun”), a SERC Chile project aimed at spreading knowledge on solar energy. On Thursday,…

The R9 Solar Community Is Consolidated In Concapan 2018

The R9 Solar Community is consolidated in Concapan 2018

  • 2018-11-14

More than 400 people participated in the XXXVIII version of Concapan, the annual convention of the IEEE community of Central America and Panama, held in El Salvador on November 7th, 8th and 9th. In this framework, the Solar Energy Forum was…

SERC Chile Distinguishes Career Of Professor Carlos Espinosa

SERC Chile distinguishes career of Professor Carlos Espinosa

  • 2018-06-06

On June 1st, the Universities of Antofagasta (UA) and Católica del Norte (UCN) made a public acknowledgment to Professor Carlos Espinosa, one of the pioneers in the investigation of solar energy in Chile. In the context of the launch of…

SERC Chile Director Participates In “Energy Revolution In Chile”

SERC Chile Director participates in “Energy Revolution in Chile”

  • 2018-05-15

Shortly after leaving the government of Michelle Bachelet in October 2016, Máximo Pacheco began to recount his experience as Minister of Energy. The result was formally known on May 10th. It is the "Energy Revolution in Chile”, a book that Pacheco compiled…