Through new information and research, SERC aims to contribute to the development of a cost-effective and safe solar connection to the electrical grid.

These projects consider aspects of supply quality, power interfaces, and planning methods to operate and expand networks.


Main Researcher

  • Dr. Samir Kouro, UTFSM.

Associate Researchers

  • Javier Pereda (PUC)
  • Marcelo Pérez (UTFSM)
  • Carlos Restrepo (U. Talca)
  • Félix Rojas (PUC)

Assistant Researchers

  • Freddy Flores (UNAB)
  • Patricio Mendoza (UCH)
  • Margarita Norambuena (UTFSM)
  • Javier Riedemann (PUCV)
  • Sebastián Rivera (UAndes)
  • Christian Rojas (UTFSM)