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As part of Enersol 2017 forum, which took place in Antofagasta, Chile, on the 5th and 6th of October, 25 members of PVPS task 1 also met. PVPS refers to the English acronym of the International Energy Agency (IEA)´s program for Photovoltaic Power Systems. The group, led by Gaetan Masson, participated in the third version of the solar Enersol forum with different lectures, and additionally, they carried out their work meeting, which extended for three days and a half. This meeting included a visit to the Jama Solar farm, near Calama city.
Task 1 group, which focuses on strategy and communication tasks, seeks to promote and ease the exchange and distribution of information on environmental, technical, social and economic aspects of photovoltaic power systems.
This meeting, the first one of the PVPS in Chile, had an important participation of Chilean experts, including Guillermo Jimenez, director of the Energy Center; Marcelo Matus, deputy director of the Center; and Barbara Silva, manager of Innovation at SERC Chile.
In the meeting, the group evaluated the state of the art of the photovoltaic systems in the participating countries. Representing Chile, Guillermo Jimenez presented two topics: micro-networks and the situation of the Chilean electrical market. Marcelo Matus presented the project that he is running to measure the solar spectrum of the Atacama Desert. Barbara Silva explained the AtaMos-Tec Project (Atacama Module and System Technology Center) that will develop technology for the photovoltaic solar energy industry in the country.
The meeting of the PVPS-IES Task 1 was sponsored through contributions from SERC Chile and organized by Ana Maria Ruz, director of technological development in the solar energy committee. Its importance is seen in that this time it revealed the Chilean reality to representatives from renowned international centers, including the current situation and the future calculations in terms of market niche.