The second version of Enersol, the solar forum developed by SERC Chile together with Editec, will be inaugurated on October 5, after the SING Forum.

Enersol has expanded.

This time, the conference will include a presentation of papers in three areas: water treatment; electricity and storage.

Additionally, the forum will offer interesting talks around diverse solar fields. Julián Blanco, from the Almería Solar Platform, will start with “The challenge of cost reduction in thermosolar electricity”, followed by Paul Werbos, former adviser to President Barack Obama on energy matters and current director of the National Science Foundation, who will present “How could Atacama become the Saudi Arabia of South America in electrical matters?”. The third presentation, “An autonomous tourist city: a way to use Atacama’s abundant solar resources”, will be given by Ludmilla Werbos, an academic from the University of Maryland. Rodrigo Mancilla, director of the Strategic Solar Program of Cifes-Corfo, will next discuss “The role of CSP in facilitating high renewable energy in Chile”. Also on the subject of storage, NREL’s engineer, Judith Vidal-Gómez, will present the talk “New trends in CSP storage technology”. Last but not least, the director of SERC Chile, Rodrigo Palma, will close the conference with the presentation “Ayllu Solar, a replicable co-construction effort in localities of the Atacama Desert”.

Enersol 2016 will be held at the Enjoy Hotel Antofagasta on Wednesday, October 5, from 8:30 am to 7 pm.

For more information, please visit www.ener-sol.cl