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Shortly after leaving the government of Michelle Bachelet in October 2016, Máximo Pacheco began to recount his experience as Minister of Energy. The result was formally known on May 10th. It is the “Energy Revolution in Chile”, a book that Pacheco compiled and edited, with the participation of 15 authors linked to the sector. Among them, the director of SERC Chile, Rodrigo Palma, and the member of the Strategic Research Committee, Hugh Rudnick.
More than 250 people arrived at the Hall of Honor of the former National Congress in Santiago, to participate in the launch which included important speakers.
The businessman Juan Antonio Guzmán opened the ceremony, who valued the book for “his good ideas” and said it will be a reference for those working in energy. President Michelle Bachelet continued, saying that the country understood the issue of energy as a development opportunity, approached from different angles – social, technical, environmental, political – and not only from the sectoral point of view. The deputy for Magallanes Gabriel Boric understood the energy revolution as proof that the State – and not only the private sector – can efficiently manage energy. Pacheco closed by defining the book as “the first stage” of a process on energy development that must continue. “This Energy Revolution is a conquest of Chile. Society must project it in time,” he concluded at the end of the presentation of his book, published by Ediciones UDP.