On December 5th and 6th, the fourth version of the country’s main solar forum, Enersol 2018, was held in Santiago, with the theme “Solar energy from the perspective of the new generations”. The meeting this year consisted of a meeting of postdoctoral, ex-doctorate and doctoral students of SERC Chile, who presented the progress of their research and met with their peers to explore possibilities for joint work.

The meeting was opened by Dave Renne, president of ISES, the International Solar Energy Society, who was visiting Chile for the organization of the next ISES Solar World Congress, to be held in Santiago in November 2019.

Postdoctoral presentations

The presentations of the 13 post-doctoral and ex post-doctorate candidates are:

“Cost-reflective pricing for the installation and optimum operation of distributed generation”, by Sebastián Oliva.

“Study of the Electrical Contact in the Metalization of Solar Cells PERT and Indoor UV Degradation of Encapsulants Used in Photovoltaic Modules”, by Jonathan Correa.

“PV Module Level DC-DC Converters with Wide Input Voltage Regulation Range – Implementation Challenges and Application Benefits”, by Andrii Chub.

“Reducing the energetic requirements of comminution through a solar-based heating pre-treatment”, by Nataly Cisternas.

“Small scale solar solutions: Ayllu Solar case”, by Felipe Valencia.

“Advances in the Evaluation of Energy Losses by Atmospheric Extinction in Tower Plants. Thematic areas: Solar Resource Assessment Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)”, by Aitor Marzo.

“Photovoltaic plants: applications in systems stability electric and sustainable agriculture”, by Miguel Torres.

“Analyzing Impacts of Renewable Energy Expansion in Chile: CGE”, by Shariyar Nasirov

“Research in control of photovoltaic systems for generation and pumping applications. Electrical/Electronic engineering area”, by Javier Riedemann.

“Research on Photovoltaic Materials, Characterization and Modeling”, by Pablo Ferrada.

“Research on Photovoltaic Materials, Characterization and Modeling”, by Sara Miralles.

“Solar Water Treatment: Comparison of Photoreactors”, by Alejandro Cabrera.

Poster sample

Meanwhile, 16 doctoral students from the universities of SERC Chile participated in a poster exhibition, which was visited by the center’s academic committee, who selected the two best posters. The first place was obtained by Darío Espinoza – student of the PhD in Inorganic Chemistry of the University of Chile – with the research project titled “Study of solar cells sensitized by dyes coupled to inorganic phosphors”. The second place was obtained by Mauro Henríquez, PhD student at the University of Antofagasta, with the research “Lithium nitrate assessment in ternary molten salts as thermal energy storage material for CSP plants”.

The posters presented can be revised here.